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Soy Candles

Our 100% organic soy wax are made in the USA with domestically grown crops and is GMM free. Using Pure Soybean oil, our koshered certified soy wax have not been tested on animals and are free of pesticides & herbcides making it all natural and biodegradable.

We use only paper cotton wicks to insure clean burning.
Our fragrance oils are phthalate free and are manufactured with FDA approved synthetic & essential oils.
Rest assured you are getting high quality fragranced and environmentally friendly candles.

Soy Wafers-soy wafers, melts, tarts
Soy Wafers
Tea Lights-Tea lights
Tea Lights
Travel Tin-travel tin
Travel Tin
Mason Jar-mason jars, candle jars, mini mason jars
Mason Jar
Travel Tin Trio-Travel tin, trio travel tins, special
Travel Tin Trio
$18.00 $15.00
Double Mason Jars-mason jar, country, primitive, mini mason jars
Double Mason Jars
$25.00 $22.00
Soy Wafers Special-soy wafers, special, Canada Day special
Soy Wafers Special
$13.50 $12.00
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